Adobe has released an update on its ‘Creative Cloud for Mobile’ app, which allows users to download and install 17,000+ Adobe Fonts in iOS 13.1 applications that support custom font Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

There are more than 17,000 Adobe fonts that are included in the Creative Clout subscription and everything in Adobe fonts library has already been cleared for commercial and persona use.

The fonts on mobile application seamlessly sync with the fonts used on PC / desktop. Users will be able to quickly search for fonts used on PC and install remotely across all devices.

According to Bloomberg, Adobe has shortlisted Illustrator as the next big application that will be launched on Apple Inc.’s iPad. The move is the latest development in the company’s efforts to provide its popular software on other devices.

Adobe will preview Illustrator for iPad at its Max Conference in November before launching the application next year.

The surge in the dependency ratio on mobile app have prompted various organizations to provide their services via mobile application.  Businesses across the globe are launching their products and services on iOS and Android platforms to increase their market share.

It seems that the mobile application development industry will continue grow as consumers now rely on mobile apps to buy and sell products. This change in the consumer behavior over the last decade has impacted businesses across all industries.