Since the rise and acceleration of the mobile app industry and smartphones, mobile application are rapidly consuming areas of life such as entertainment, business, communication, e-commerce shopping and more. Hence, for business owners, mobile application development has become a necessity to keep up with the consumers’ needs. Here are some of our top amazing facts about Mobile App Development:

  1. Mobile applications can be built on multiple platforms; therefore, a good app design is very essential as there are a number of OS and different programming languages for each platform. It is a good practice to have your mobile app developed for multiple platforms to gain maximum earning potential and to cover the widest potential audience.
  2. Apples App Store in the second largest platform, offering a total of 2.2 million apps. It contains lesser number of apps than Google’s Play Store because Apple has applied higher coding standards and excludes apps that are not developed as per there standards.
  3. The total number of application downloads in Google Play Store are higher as compared to App Store since there is a higher number of Android device users than iPhone.
  4. Earning through advertisement on app is the most popular source of revenue. It was estimated that the revenue is expected to reach almost $25 billion by the end of 2020. 38% of mobile developers use ad revenue, while in-app purchases are used by 37% of developers as revenue.
  5. By the year 2024, over 42% of all the sales in the United Kingdom are expected to be supplemented by applications. This means that app development is set to become a core element for driving sales in the future.
  6. Around four out of every five minutes spent using cellphones are spent within mobile applications.
  7. A typical smartphone user unlocks its mobile phone over 80 times a day generating over 2,700 strokes or swipes in a single day.
  8. An Apple user spend 24% more time using iPhone applications than they do on iPads.
  9. For a long period of time, Google Maps and YouTube remained one of the most downloaded application. Each of these apps had over a billion downloads.
  10. 49% of mobile phone users open an application on an average 11 times a day.

We all know that Mobile Applications have taken over our lives and apps are here to stay forever especially with the developers creating new, innovative and interesting apps. Take these interesting facts into consideration and you will be on your way to implementing the latest technologies in a way that can greatly benefit your business!