The world is up against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has left the global community devasted.

The unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 has impacted every social institution and continues to cripple the global economy. The COVID-19

In such perilous times, it is crucial for everyone to take preventive measures maintain social distancing to curb the spread of the virus. The pandemic has forced many areas to look like ghost towns since people have resorted to live in quarantine.

Businesses are struggling to survive since social transactions have come to a hold. However, digital marketing strategies can help businesses preserve and elevate their online reputation in such critical times.

Social Media Marketing

Since everyone is mostly at home, it is very much likely that people are using social media applications more than before. This is the time to show your audience that your business cares about the well-being of the society.

You can have social media posts designed with social distancing measures and tips on preventing the spread of COVID-19.  It will boost your brand presence and strengthen your reputation in digital sphere.  


People are likely to consume more content in the digital sphere in quarantine. You can improve your brand reach with blogs on the most trending and searched topics to attract organic traffic. You need to use the right keywords, infographics, headings, and attractive pictures to support the content of your blog. It will also improve help you in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most popular strategies to promote your products and services. An explainer video about your products and services can help you engage your audience. You can also publish videos that provide people guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19.


An effective SEO strategy will surely help you to gain more traction on your brand at a time when everyone is mostly using the internet. local SEO strategies will be most useful as people will be looking to avail service near to their location. Your digital marketing team work on local SEO pages for improved ranking on the search engines.

Discount Offers

In such critical times, you can offer discounts and other promotional offers to your customers. Launch your discount and promotional campaigns on social media platforms as well. You can also create landing pages for your promotional campaigns.

A good marketing strategy is to ensure that people remember your brand. It is important that you leave a good impression on your customers.