Retaining clients is about getting them involved and keeping them engaged. From on boarding to post-purchase, you’ll need to keep your mobile application users involved through their whole journey. Here are the tactics to start with:

Low Market Entry Barriers

Even if it’s the least tech-savvy customer, your mobile app needs to be appealing. To ensure your users to understand your mobile app and continue using it, your on boarding process should be smooth, simple and effective.  In order to focus on customer retention and be completely successful in the industry, it is essential to start with a basic, easy to navigate mobile application.

In order to deliver a completely tailored experience mobile app, you should always keep in my mind the evolving expectations of your customer, knowing what they are and what they want. Foundation of analysis is the basic tool for one on one marketing. You need to understand the activities, likes, dislikes, behaviors and traits of your customer.  You need to do a proper research on their channel preferences, which includes texts, emails, push notifications and in-app messaging.

Community Integration Addition

Generally mobile application users go for a community experience rather than solo space. In order to help users, connect through the app’s virtual community, features such as forums, check-ins, events, maps, and sharing of photos and videos should be integrated.

Offering First-class Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important factors driving customer recommendations and repurchase. You can improve your customer loyalty by helping with pre and post purchase in a timely manner. To appeal to a variety of users’ preferred methods you should ensure your customer service hits all touch points and provide multiple channels including live chats and email, texting etc.

Be Specific

Granular audience segmentation is beyond the basics of demographics and product preferences. You can target you marketing in an effective manner by grouping users based on the frequency, monetary value of their actions and recency.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

You should run campaigns for your brand champions to show that you care and appreciate them. One-off shoppers can be converted into repeat customers through good loyalty programs.

By these tactics you can increase your mobile app success and put the complete focus on retention and improve user experience.