Travelling is one of the oldest and the most popular activity for spending vacations. The tourism industry has expanded across the globe, offering people a wide range of destinations and resorts to choose from. However, you need to plan your trip before your start travelling.

Planning a trip is never easy whether you have airplane tickets to an exotic tourist location or are planning to take a road trip. You need to take care of the smallest details before leaving for the trip and you can do that with a user-friendly travel mobile application.

Mobile applications have made our life easier since there is an app for almost everything. Online shopping, social networking, streaming, gaming, and many other things have become easier with mobile apps. Therefore, you should have a travel mobile application in your phone to help you plan your trip effectively.

A user-friendly travel mobile application will help you plan your trip and keep you informed about the trip schedule as well. Moreover, it provides you all the features that travelers once used to pack an entire bag for.

Here are the features that you should have in your travel application.

Trip Organizer

A travel app should have a trip planner/organizer in which the user can schedule his entire trip. The application would send the push notification about everything scheduled by the user. With a travel planner, users can also save their e-tickets save different locations that they wish to visit at a location.

Navigation and Maps

Another important feature for the app is to have maps integrated. The app should be able to use the live location of the users so that they can navigate from one location to another. The geolocation feature will help users search for nearby popular places. For instance, it can help them to book look for hotels if they wish to reserve another one.

Book Tickets

A travel app have an option to book tickets as well. This is a very useful feature for users who are planning to go on an international tour. Almost everyone is looking for the best deals, tickets, and accommodations and this feature can help them plan it all via the application.


Reviews about a product, service and place play in important role in decision making. The review feature in the app would help users to choose the best of the restaurants, resorts anything they wish to avail or buy while on their trip.


Not everyone has their car on a vacation. Sometimes, calling a cab in another city can be too much of a hassle. You can ease your transport with a travel app that offers you to book a cab from within the application. The application will simply collaborate with the major ride-hailing service providers in the cities and you can call your cab from the

Weather Updates

The travel app should also give weather updates, which makes it easier and safer to travel. Users will be able to keep a check on weather condition before planning to go out.

Language Translation

A language translation feature in the application will save the users from the hassle to open one application after another. With this feature, users will find it easier to communicate and travel as well.