Microsoft’s subsidiary, GitHub has released its new mobile application on iOS and Android platforms. The application will help developers manage their projects, allowing them to organize their tasks, provide feedback and review merge and pull requests.  

The mobile application will facilitate developers to receive updates and notifications. They can also use the application for communication while they are away from their PC.

Developers will be able to swipe tasks to either mark them as complete or save them. They can also respond to the comments with emoji that would help ease the communication when a project is relying on someone’s feedback.  Developers would also be able to view the code but will not be able to edit it within the application.

Let’s look some of the advantages GitHub provides to developers and programmers.

GitHub makes it easy to contribute to open source projects. For instance, if a developer wants to contribute, they can just fork a project, make their changes and then send a pull request using the GitHub web interface.

The code repository management platform has extensive documentation that aids developers for better understanding the application.

GitHub allows developers to track changes in their code across different versions. For instance, when multiple people are working on a project, it becomes hard to keep a track of where the files are stores and other tasks as well.  With GitHub, you can keep a track of all the changes that have been done or pushed in the repository.