Over a third of the population in the world is using social media platforms for communication. Here’s how these social media platforms have contributed to the new way of communication for people around the world:


Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms with around 2.3 billion active monthly users. According to statistics, 88% of 18-29 years old adults use Facebook platform. Facebook is a pioneer in today’s digital world. From allowing people to connect with anyone and share their personal opinions, pictures, videos and blogs, Facebook Chatbots addition has given a whole new look in terms of digital marketing and customer service.


Twitter is a rapidly growing network allowing users to share information instantly. Twitter has around 330 monthly active user and 36% of 18-29 years old adults use this platform. The most important aspect of twitter communication are the hashtags. It is a source of writing free content with the additional bonus of making statements worthwhile within 140-character limit.


Snapchat application has made communication temporary, by allowing users to share their desired content that can only be seen for 24 hours. It is especially made for content-hungry and tech-productive users.


Instagram is a Facebook owned social media app that has doubled its user’s base to approximately 700 million monthly active users within two years. In order to grab user’s attention, Instagram has created stories, stickers and filters in a unique way.

How Has It Impacted On The Way Of Communication?

Have a look at how the social media applications have affected the way we communicate:

Formed A Sense Of Urgency And Sharing Necessity

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have established the need to continuously show our lives on the internet. On the other hand, Instagram stories and Snapchat have made messages and users’ content available to view for 24 hours only. These messages create a sense of real-time communication.

Given An Inside View Of Distant Places

Social media has allowed people to share their story all over the world. Snapchat app was the first one to give people an inside look of foreign places. With the addition of live chat feature, users can peak into other cities and countries with live stories.

Sharing Full Stories

With Instagram and Snapchat’s feature of sharing stories and memories, users can now share their whole day activity instead of sharing a few pictures or posts.

Making Personalized Digital Messages

Snapchat and Instagram have taken the stories to the next level by letting users add filter, draw, write to their picture that adds a personalized touch to it and is user-friendly. You can now create brand awareness and interact with your client by these personalized messages feature.