Mobile application development industry has been growing at a rapid pace as more and more businesses are switching to a mobile app for reaching their target market.

Here are the top five trending apps of 2019:

Uber App

Uber is the top trending mobile app in 2019 with more than eight million users around the world. It is one of the top cab service available on mobile application.

The application helps the passengers to get a ride within a few minutes. The app has Google maps integrated within the app, so that the driver can track passenger’s exact location. The app has made payments easier for users via payment gateways. Passengers and drivers can rate each other and submit their feedback on the app. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms.


Instagram has generated billions of US dollars in revenue with almost one billion monthly active users. When it comes to digital marketing, Instagram app helps to present a variety of opportunities on social media.


Amazon is one of the most leading e-commerce platforms worldwide, as it allows you to search for and filter a variety of items with just a few clicks.

This app helps you keep a track of your order and offers multiple payments options. The user can also benefit from nearby local businesses with the help of localization. It helps you to get your desired product, and you can also check the prices instantly with your smartphone.


YouTube has been ranked as number two among the top social media applications. It is the most famous platform for sharing videos for and by the people. The app updates the users with the most popular videos they wish to see


Netflix is the world’s top streaming app to watch the latest seasons and movies, delivering you the best quality video experience with no commercial. It is affordable and allows users to download the content or watch it offline.

Netflix app is growing on iOS and Android platforms with a total of 139 million subscribers across the world in 2019.