Mobile games application has become one of the most popular trends. They are categorized mainly as Android games or iOS mobile app games by users.

The mobile application development has become an essential part of the industry as it engages the user at the highest level. You will find a huge selection of Android mobile app games and iPhone mobile games on Google Play Store and App Store. Mobile game applications can be very challenging to categorize as to what is the best game app to play.

Top mobile app games for 2019

Here we have gathered some of the bests iOS games app and Android games app that are currently trending on top of the list. Here are some of the best mobile app games for 2019. All these mobile app games deliver the most enjoyable experience on the go.

Given that there are thousands of names across a series like role-playing games, first-person shooting games, cooking games, racing games, sports etc. We have divided these mobile games into separate sections for your study. 

There are different types of mobile games app. This top mobile app games 2019 list focuses on mobile app games which includes Android games and iPhone games. They play in portrait mode and these mobile games do not require a controller.

Most played mobile app games in 2019

The top first-person mobile game of 2019 is Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) for mobile. It is a free survival shooter that lets you experience what it is liked to be on an island with other players seeing who will survive till the end.

With regard to strategic games, Clash of Kings is the top strategic mobile game app of 2019 where you experience the battle to build an empire in an epic war.

In pool games category, 8 Ball Pool it is! It allows you to play against people online. It is one of the biggest and best multiplayer pool mobile game of 2019 online.

Thinking of sports, Dream League Soccer 2019 is a free to play mobile app game 2019 that lets you experience the life of a professional soccer player.

FIFA 2019 is one of the most popular mobile app series when it comes to football enabling the user to control single football players during the match.

This list will help you find the best mobile game app for 2019 at ease!