Whether you plan on building a presentation or a pitch or you’re just curious, here’s your guide to the search for the topmost social media apps in 2019.

Facebook social media app

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg

Founded: 2004

After 15 years of existence Facebook has become by far the largest social media app of 2019 in the world. Despite declining organic reach, it has also become the most important social media app for marketers.

YouTube Social media app

Founder: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim

Founded: 2005

YouTube has given everyone a voice and a platform to reach out to millions of people. YouTube has been ranked as Number two among the top social media applications.

WhatsApp Social media app

Founder: Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Founded: 2009

WhatsApp joined Facebook in 2014, but it then continued to work as a separate social media app focusing on the fastest and reliable messaging service in the world. Its ranked as the top three most downloaded social media app of 2019 on both iOS and Android. 

Instagram social Media app

Founder: Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom

Founded: 2010

It’s been nine years of Instagram’s existence and it has generated billions of US dollars in revenue. You can connect with the people and things you love, only if you feel comfortable expressing yourself on this social media app.

So, if you’re considering putting in efforts and resources for your top social media app research, we get you to know which is your target market by sharing all that you want.